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Where Natural Medicine is the Official Medicine 

We Analyze your Individual Biochemistry

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We are a private health clinic that uses laboratory testing to develop a nutritional treatment plan that works exclusively with natural medicine.

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Laboratory Tests

The treatment is determined by a complete assessment of your current medical history and the study of individual samples of blood, urine, hair and saliva.  

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Biochemical Analysis

With the results of our Bio-Terrain Analysis, we will provide the reports for your internal chemical processes, systems patterns, imbalances, and malfunctions. This is divided in between two phases: Functional and Toxic & Nutritional Elements. 

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Nutritional Guide Supplements | Lifestyle

Based on your lab results and the analysis of your individual biochemistry, we determine and develop your treatment composed by a nutritional guide and natural supplements.

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Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM

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Dr. J. Michael Lemus Looking through the microscope

Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM

Lemus Natural Medicine
Founder | Director

More than 45 years of experience

Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM, licensed acupuncturist in the state of Florida and specialized in biochemical natural medicine for more than 45 years.  His clinic is in Miami, Florida.

His experience and training in multiple disciplines and modalities of natural medicine including, food science, nutritional biochemistry, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, herbalism, bioenergetics, natural medicine, iridology, colon health, and individual biochemistry. Dr. Lemus is the founder and director of the scientific protocol for Lemus Natural Medicine.  Dr. Lemus has personally trained our team of specialists in our exclusive system of natural medicine.

He has a weekly radio talk show in a famous Latin radio station for the past 20 years.

  We invite you to see Dr. Lemus Certificates and Diplomas below  

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Our Clinic

Lemus Natural Medicine is a Private clinic specialized in Natural Medicine with scientific evidence. We work under an agreement with the patient and do not participate with Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, or insurance. We are specialists in individual biochemistry and the laboratory analyzes we use are different from those indicated by conventional doctors.

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Our specialists have been personally trained by Dr. Lemus to handle each case in sample collection, laboratory tests, explanation of results, explanation of treatments, follow-up and microscopy. They will be able to give you support and explanations at every step of your treatment, giving answers and clarifying any doubts you may have. Our specialists will document the diagnoses; medications you are taking, symptoms, developing an individual list that will be used to monitor your progress.

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What is Biochemistry:

Biochemistry or chemical biology is the science that studies processes within living bodies based on the changes and compensations of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids. We study heavy, external toxic minerals and those produced by our body. As well as we also observe the formation of free radicals, the functions of the organs, the state of the blood cells and the chemical reactions that these compounds undergo that allow them to obtain energy and generate their own biomolecules.

Human body - Biochemistry

Personalized treatments:

The results of the analyzes are interpreted and the Lemus Natural Medicine system develops your personalized treatment that consists of foods, natural supplements, antioxidants and we help you modify your lifestyle. This makes a big difference to empirical treatment, that is, without scientific bases.

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Our style of natural medicine is based on “Individual Biochemistry” since no two people are alike, not even twins. Our exclusive laboratory analyzes with individual samples from each patient such as saliva, urine, blood, hair, beard or nails, allow us to thoroughly understand the reason why you are sick.

Conditions and parameters
Healthy Food
nutritional guide and supplements
Healthy food 2
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We Analyze more than 700  parameters 

Dr. Lemus assures us that with the Biological Terrain tests we perform: "There is no disease that can begin or continue if at least one of the 774 parameters we analyze are out of normal"makes a big difference to empirical treatment, that is, without scientific bases.

Parameters and Reports
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Our Treatment.

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Conditions we treat.

In the biochemistry process, the analyzes will indicate the causes why you lost your health. These unusual parameters are what indicate the treatment. The name of the disease helps us know how it manifests itself, as well as what the side effects of the medicines would be. Our body heals completely, not in sections, and through symptoms and laboratory tests we will know that it is healing. However, we present a list of the health problems that we see most frequently:


Hypertension / Cardiovascular Problems / Fluid Retention


Obesity / Cholesterol / Triglycerides /  Diabetes


Arthritis / Musculoskeletal Pain


Gastric reflux / Gastritis


Constipation / Diarrhea / Intestinal Cramps / Urinary Tract Problems


Thyroid problems /  Menstrual problems and Menopause / Infertility / 


Anxiety Depression / Respiratory problems / Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction / Anemia


Alopecia / Immunity-related disorders /  Allergies

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Exclusive Monitoring System

We have a unique way to monitor your progress so we need a list of diagnoses, symptoms and medications you are taking. Your treatment will depend directly on laboratory results and health conditions.

Cell Monitoring & Observation

At each visit we monitor your cells under an electron microscope to verify that the treatment is working. You will participate in this review and have the opportunity to take photos. The symptom survey will also tell us the improvements obtained. 

Cell Monitoring
Digital Monitoring
blood - kit -  cells
Digital Microscope- cell monitoruing
computer Cell Monitoring
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Nutritional Guide: Food list