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Where Natural Medicine is the Official Medicine 

 We Analyze your Individual Biochemistry

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We are a private health clinic that uses laboratory testing to develop nutritional treatment plans based exclusively on natural medicine.

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"Bioterrain" refers to the complex internal environment of the human body, including its biological, chemical, and physiological components. It is the internal milieu that supports the proper functioning of bodily systems and maintains health.



The collection of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes) living in and on the human body. Essential for digestion, immune function, and protection against pathogens. Gut microbiota aiding in the digestion of food and synthesis of vitamins.


Immune System

The body's defense system comprising organs, tissues, cells, and proteins. Protects against infections, removes toxins, and maintains homeostasis. White blood cells identifying and neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses.


Endocrine System

A network of glands that produce and release hormones.Regulates metabolism, growth, reproduction, and mood.The thyroid gland releasing hormones that regulate metabolism.


Detoxification Pathways

Processes that remove toxins from the body. Maintain cellular health and prevent damage from harmful substances.Liver enzymes breaking down and eliminating toxins from the bloodstream.

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Nutritional Status

The balance of nutrients absorbed and utilized by the body. Supports cellular function, energy production, and overall health. Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals for proper enzymatic functions.


pH Balance

The level of acidity or alkalinity in the body’s fluids and tissues. Ensures optimal enzyme activity and cellular function.Blood maintaining a slightly alkaline pH around 7.4 for proper physiological processes.

Hydration Status


The amount of water in the body's tissues and organs. Facilitates cellular functions, temperature regulation, and waste removal. Proper hydration aiding in kidney function and toxin elimination.

Health manteinance

A balanced bioterrein supports overall health, resilience against diseases, and efficient bodily functions.

Disease Prevention

A healthy internal environment can prevent the onset of chronic diseases, infections, and inflammatory conditions.

Holistic Approach

Understanding and optimizing the bioterrein emphasizes a holistic approach to health, considering diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Personalized Medicine

Tailoring treatments based on an individual’s unique bioterrein, including their microbiome, genetic makeup, and nutritional status.

Functional Medicine

Focuses on optimizing bioterrein through diet, lifestyle changes, and natural therapies to address root causes of health issues.​

Preventive Health:

Strategies to maintain a healthy bioterrein, such as balanced nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, and avoiding toxins.

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Laboratory Tests

When Bioterrein testing was first developed, the range of laboratory tests was limited due to the scientific knowledge available at the time and the absence of certain discoveries. As science has progressed, the need for additional laboratory assessments has grown. Dr. Lemus expanded the variety of tests performed, including saliva and urine analysis, hair analysis, and specific physical measurements, along with detailed interpretations and personalized treatment plans. ​ In addition to these improvements to traditional Bioterrein testing, Dr. Lemus has incorporated the analysis of other tissues such as hair and stool. This expanded testing includes assessments for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, chemical and environmental toxicity, food sensitivities, and other toxins produced by the body. These comprehensive assessments aim to provide a more precise understanding of the origin of a patient's condition and to inform a tailored treatment plan. See sample laboratory tests and writing reports.

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Biochemical computer Analysis

Due to the vast amount of information involved in laboratory processes from different tissues, creating a computer program was necessary to compile a comprehensive report. The laboratory results encompass internal chemical processes, system patterns of dysfunction, imbalances, deficiencies, toxicities, food sensitivities, and several other components. This allows us to provide a detailed and individualized report. Our reports are divided into three phases: Functional, Toxic, and Nutritional. Clarity on the Report The report you're dealing with involves a significant amount of data from various tissue samples. To manage and analyze this data efficiently, a specialized computer program was developed. The reports generated from this program are detailed and individualized, covering a wide range of internal body processes and conditions. These reports are categorized into three main phases: Functional Phase: This phase examines the internal chemical processes and system patterns of dysfunction within the body. It helps in identifying functional issues and imbalances that might be affecting the overall health. Toxic Phase: This phase focuses on identifying toxicities within the body. It looks at various harmful substances that might be present and how they impact the body's functioning. Nutritional Phase: This phase evaluates deficiencies and imbalances related to nutrition. It assesses the body's nutritional status, identifying any deficiencies that need to be addressed to improve health. The comprehensive approach allows for a detailed understanding of the body's health, enabling personalized recommendations and interventions.

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Food Selection & 
Supplement Treatment Plan

Based on your lab results, computerized analysis of your individual biochemistry, and Dr. Lemus' experience, Lemus Natural Medicine determines and develops your treatment plan. This plan includes a food selection guide, nutritional supplements, exercises, hydrotherapy, and possibly other treatment modalities. The food selection is not meant to be permanent but rather a temporary suspension and recommendation of certain foods. This temporary suspension is due to lab findings indicating that certain foods are not recommended as long as specific conditions exist. We will approve and expand the list of foods, as necessary. The food recommendations include nutrient-rich foods that your body needs as therapeutic aids in the healing process. Additionally, the supplements indicated are temporary and not permanent. We will adjust, increase, or decrease doses according to your progress.



There are many lifestyles available, and the challenge is finding the one that is appropriate for you. We help patients discover the lifestyle that best fits their individual biochemical foundation. An educated and conscientious patient is more capable of making informed decisions about the proper lifestyle to adopt. ​ We specialize in helping patient in the difficult food lifestyle selection, recognizing the variety of options such as carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, and pescatarian diets. ​ Lifestyle encompasses many aspects, including ethnic group, customs, and tests, making it very confusing. There are also preconceived food lifestyles such as the Mediterranean diet, South Beach diet, Atkins diet, intermittent fasting, and many others that may not be suitable for certain individuals. ​ At Lemus Natural Medicine, we believe that a personalized approach to lifestyle and diet is essential for optimal health. Our goal is to empower patients with the knowledge and support they need to make choices that enhance their well-being and fit their unique needs.

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Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM

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Dr. J. Michael Lemus Looking through the microscope

Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM

Founder and Creator of

Lemus Natural Medicine

More than 45 years of experience

Dr. J. Michael Lemus, A.Ph, DOM, is a licensed acupuncturist in Florida with over 45 years of specialization in individual biochemical natural medicine. His clinic is located in Miami, Florida.


Dr. Lemus has extensive experience and training in various disciplines and modalities of natural medicine, including food science, nutritional biochemistry, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, herbalism, bioenergetics, iridology, colon health, and individual biochemistry. 

He is the founder and creator of Lemus Natural Medicine, a unique individualized natural medicine modality that utilizes scientific and laboratory data.

As a critical reviewer of the food industry, Dr. Lemus focuses on toxic additives, environmental pollution, clean water, and the unnecessary use of medical drugs.

He actively trains professionals to become specialists in his exclusive natural modality, having developed a team of top-notch specialists who work in his clinic.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Lemus has hosted a weekly radio talk show on a local Latin radio station. He also shares his knowledge through a free blog and podcast on social media.

  We invite you to see Dr. Lemus Certificates and Diplomas below  

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About Our Clinic

Located in Miami Florida, our clinic combines modern technology with a warm and inviting atmosphere. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and the calming ambiance of our beautifully designed space.