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Priority Toxicity

Using 29 samples of known toxins plus prescription medications that can cause energetic disturnbances in the body

Priority Toxicity

*Environmental substances in the air:
For the evaluation we used a total of 140 aerial samples consist of
-44 Pollen / Trees
- 3 Blights.
-19 Grasses.
- 2 Insects.
- 44 Molds / Spores.
- 6 Hairs / Feathers.
- 6 Dusts.
- 4 Dyes.
- 12 Miscellaneous Substances.

*Homeopathic Food Sensitivity:
We used 150 food samples to determine any possible cause of energy disturbance in the body.

The treatment consists of approaching the food sample that is causing the energetic alteration close to the body followed by stressing the patient with breathing and percussion, the body will produce its own antioxidants and immunoglobulins to solve the problem, by doing so there will be a large amount of substances of the body's immune defense throughout the body that will help eliminate the negative reaction.

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