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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do i have to pay for the first visit ?
    The objective of the first visit is free and without obligation, for both parties; It is to learn more about the health problems that afflict you, diagnoses, medications, symptoms, etc., with this information we can indicate the laboratory tests that we need, which we will explain to you. In addition, we could quote you the price of these analyses. If you agree to start the treatment, we will proceed to collect the samples to be sent to the laboratory.
  • Do we accept insurance ?
    No, we are a private clinic and we do not work with Medicare / Medicaid / HMO We will offer the chance to apply for monthly installments.
  • What is biochemistry?
    Biochemistry or chemical biology is the science that studies processes within living bodies based on the changes and compensations of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids. We study heavy, external toxic minerals and those produced by our body. As well as we also observe the formation of free radicals, the functions of the organs, the state of the blood cells and the chemical reactions that these compounds undergo that allow them to obtain energy and generate their own biomolecules.
  • Does everyone has the same treatment ?
    Our style of natural medicine is based on“Individual Biochemistry” since no two people are alike, not even twins. Our exclusive laboratory analyzes with individual samples from each patient such as saliva, urine, blood, hair, beard or nails, allow us to thoroughly understand the reason why you are sick. The results of the analyzes are interpreted and the Lemus Natural Medicine system develops your personalized treatment that consists of foods, natural supplements, antioxidants and we help you modify your lifestyle. This makes a big difference to empirical treatment, that is, without scientific bases.
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